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About Murphy McGonigal's FUNDRAISER PROGRAMS


The MISSION of Murphy McGonigal's Magical Music Motley (that's a lot of "M's"!) is to support music education

Yes, we fund a number of college music scholarships each year.  But we also take an active role in helping elementary, middle and high schools -- both private and public --  raise money for their music programs.

Our fundraiser program is designed to bring money into your program without the usual hassles of door-to-door selling, order taking, handling money and product delivery.  We take care of ALL that for you!

The only thing your orchestra/band/choral members and their parents have to do is to send people to our store to buy our wonderful music items or gift cards and enter your unique program tracking code at checkout.  THAT'S IT!  We do the rest.

When the program is over, we tabulate the results and send you a check for a percentage of the revenue from the sales you sent our way.  That simple!

Depending on your goals, we can either set up short-term concentrated fundraising programs (with a higher percentage of revenue) or long-term, ongoing programs (with a smaller percentage of revenue).

We can also support you with design of a flyer and other graphics to help you get the word out about your fundraiser.  If you provide us the graphic elements for your school logo and/or mascot, we will include those in our designs.

In addition, we are happy to give your school and fundraising program a shout-out on our associated Facebook fan page:

And depending on some constraints on our end, we may be able to feature you in the cover photos on our store home page!

Our program is designed to be flexible.  Let us know how we can help you! 

For more information reach out to our wonderful Support team at with your name and phone number, and the best time to call you.  We'll give you a shout to discuss the details.

Thank you!

 May there always be magic in your music!