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About Murphy McGonigal's Magical Music Motley




For people with music in their hearts.

We founded Murphy McGonigals Magical Music Motley with one goal in mind: to serve people who love and perform music by offering them a motley assortment of amazing music related items at great prices.  We wanted to provide something for every kind of music lover, be they a person who sings to themself all day, a novice music student, or a world-renowned professional.  So, whether you are looking for something special for yourself, you are motivating that novice student, or you are showing your appreciation to a special musician for the joy they bring you, we hope you will find something among our collections which will make your heart sing!

motley:  |ˈmätlē| -- an incongruous mixture, varied in appearance or character; diverse, assorted

Music has a Magical quality that is hard to explain, that lives in our hearts and souls.  Music is the one thing that brings joy to everyone, from the unborn baby to the 100+ year old, from Antarctica to the North Pole ...... it transcends all cultures, races, religions and sexual orientations,.... even species (we all know that plants grow better to classical music, right?).  But really special among us are those amazing, talented people who create the music which brings all that joy to others!......and to them we dedicate this store!

We search the world for items with a touch of Music Magic that we hope will bring joy to you or to those for whom you are choosing gifts.  Please let us know if there are additional items you would like to see us offer on our store!


A Great Cause 

We're thrilled to donate a percentage of our profits to fund college scholarships for music students and various middle and high school music programs.


A Guarantee 

We're so confident you'll love our products, we offer a 1 YEAR 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Don't like something you bought?  Tell us about it and we'll be happy to make it right or issue a full refund.


Have any questions or suggestions?

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Founder's Message

I founded Murphy McGonigal's with the intent to serve the music community, and to serve it well.  I want to make you happy!  And I assure your complete satisfaction.  We have an excellent staff of support people to serve you, and I encourage you to reach out to them for assistance.  However, if you'd like to contact me personally with a concern, a suggestion or praise for one of our staff members, please email me directly at  ~ Jim Mahon


Happy shopping!  And may there always be music in your heart!